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My Experience at FLOC (Libby’s Report)

Libby is a FLOC 8th grader and future journalist. She’s reporting to us today from the Saturday Afternoon Reading program. Here’s Libby:

Libby and Sarah Post Test 1Hello, my name is Libby, and I’m in the eighth grade. Today, I will be telling about my experience in FLOC and how it helps me learn.

This year, I have learned a lot in FLOC. I have improved in my vocabulary and in my reading in school. My teachers were really excited when I improved in my reading. I think FLOC is a great place for someone who needs help with reading or math. I also improved on my writing because my tutor Sarah and I do journaling. Journaling is when you have to pick a subject and write about it and then your tutor checks for any mistakes and how you can improve. I think improvements will help me because I want to become a journalist or a lawyer, but for each one you need reading and writing. FLOC is the best place to improve on reading or math.

My favorite memory of FLOC is when I met Sarah. Sarah was really nice to me when I met her and that was my favorite memory because it was the first time meeting someone from the government (Sarah works for government when she’s not volunteering). Sarah is really a understanding person. She’s nice, caring, radical, makes delicious cookies and is THE BEST TUTOR EVER!!! If Sarah is in FLOC next year I hope I’ll be with her again.

Libby and Sarah College Week

In conclusion, I think anyone who reads this should take my advice because FLOC is a great way to catch up to your education.

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Meet Paola

paola spotlightPaola is a 13-year-old 8th grader attending school at Sacred Heart, and she has been a student at FLOC since the 1st grade! Since joining FLOC, she has received great help from tutors and has learned new skills to use in her studies along the way. Paola is also an active participant in FLOC’S Scholars Program where she has been able to learn valuable skills relating to schools and her future.

When asked about some of her fondest memories with FLOC and the Scholars program, Paola said that she enjoyed the OEC (Outdoor Education Center) and college tours, mainly because the bus ride with the rest of the group to and from were always hilarious. Paola’s overall experience with FLOC has been positive, because FLOC has a family-type environment and everyone here is friendly, helpful, and supportive.

She hopes to continue learning new strategies and skills while at FLOC and to also gain new experiences.  During her free time, Paola enjoys playing sports and reading, especially her current book The Catcher in the Rye.

(Jacqueline Castaneda is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate at FLOC.)