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Selfies for Math Success

The Thursday night math program at Jubilee has very energetic and curious students. This past Thursday, dynamic duo Denim and Tawanda shared with me how they came to be best friends and what they love most about FLOC. Both students are first graders working on Unit 1 in our math curriculum. They are also paired with two tutors who also happen to be friends with each other, volunteering at FLOC together. In exchange for this interview I allowed them take selfies on the FLOC cell phone:

denimI love coming to FLOC with Tawanda. We get to talk to our tutors, play math games, and have snacks. Our tutors also let us dance together during break. I dance better than Tawanda! ” -Denim, 1st grader
tawanda“Denim and I are best friends. We have sleepovers and play Michael Jackson and sing and dance. At FLOC we race each other doing math worksheets and then our tutors let us dance.” -Tawanda, 1st grader

(Felise Ortiz is an NTP site coordinator and the supervisor of the Thursday night math program at Jubilee Housing.)

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Meet Paola

paola spotlightPaola is a 13-year-old 8th grader attending school at Sacred Heart, and she has been a student at FLOC since the 1st grade! Since joining FLOC, she has received great help from tutors and has learned new skills to use in her studies along the way. Paola is also an active participant in FLOC’S Scholars Program where she has been able to learn valuable skills relating to schools and her future.

When asked about some of her fondest memories with FLOC and the Scholars program, Paola said that she enjoyed the OEC (Outdoor Education Center) and college tours, mainly because the bus ride with the rest of the group to and from were always hilarious. Paola’s overall experience with FLOC has been positive, because FLOC has a family-type environment and everyone here is friendly, helpful, and supportive.

She hopes to continue learning new strategies and skills while at FLOC and to also gain new experiences.  During her free time, Paola enjoys playing sports and reading, especially her current book The Catcher in the Rye.

(Jacqueline Castaneda is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate at FLOC.)

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Meet Alex


Alex, 7 years old, is a first grader at Garrison Elementary School and a first year NTP student at FLOC. He is very excited to be at FLOC to learn new things, specifically math, although sometimes he wishes he can just goof around with the other kids in the program.

Alex was asked what is one thing he loved about FLOC, and his answer was his tutor Jeff. Alex thinks his tutor is so cool and smart, and he is thankful for the help that he has provided for him.

During his free time, Alex enjoys playing outside and reading a lot of different books.

(Jacqueline Castaneda is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate.)

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Meet Florence, an 11th Grade Scholar

Florence, 16, is in the 11th grade and has been with FLOC for a year now. She is a student in FLOC’s High School Scholars program held Wednesdays nights. Florence enjoys coming to FLOC and looks forward to it each week. She loves how FLOC gives off a very family-like environment and that the staff is so nice.

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Having been at FLOC for a year now, Florence has appreciated learning how to prepare for college and for her future after. She has gained a better understanding of how to approach the college process and hopes it will get her into a good school.

Florence also enjoys meeting and hanging out with the other students in the Scholars Program. She likes sharing ideas with them and learning new things about them each week. During her free time, Florence enjoys reading, writing poetry, dancing, and playing drums.

(Jackie Castaneda is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate.)

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Meet Nicole

NicoleNicole, 10, is in the 5th grade at Capital City Public Charter School. This is her third year at FLOC, and this year she’s in Tuesday night program for reading and Thursday night program for math. Nicole loves the environment at FLOC, and she is always excited to be here. Nicole’s says that FLOC has helped her a lot in reading and math and that she now reads all the time and loves solving math problems. When asked what her favorite thing about FLOC was, she gave a whole list instead, which included FLOC giving away presents for the holidays, chocolates for Valentine’s Day, end of the year fiestas, and the FLOC store.

Outside of FLOC, Nicole enjoys reading, playing games, taking tests, sticking stickers, learning gymnastics, and, last but not least, cheerleading.  Nicole’s bubbly personality is irresistible, and she is always eager to talk with others about what she is doing and learning at FLOC. She hopes to continue to improve in reading and math, as well as gymnastics, throughout the year.

(Jaqueline Castaneda is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate.)

Student Spotlight

Meet Samantha

SamanthaSamantha, 8, is in the fourth grade at Brightwood Elementary. She’s beginning her third year with the Tuesday night reading and Thursday night math programs at FLOC.

Samantha’s favorite subject in school is math, and she says FLOC has helped her learn to like math. Outside of school, Samantha likes to play tag and other games with her friends. She enjoys being in nature and likes to find worms and other insects outside. In her free time, Samantha likes drawing, painting, and other arts and crafts.

Samantha says that FLOC has “helped my reading a lot”. Asked to pick a favorite activity at FLOC, Samantha says there are “too many to chose from”.
Samantha loves to talk with other students and FLOC staff and is very eager to share her experiences with others. She never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces. When she grows up, Samantha hopes to be either a doctor or a police officer.

(Benjamin Harris, a student at the George Washington University, was a volunteer tutor in the Thursday Night Math program in the spring of 2014.)