Scholars Program

Good News Rolling in for 12th Graders

The 12th Grade Scholars are halfway through their final year in high school.  Our Scholars are full of excitement as they begin to think about the final moments they get to spend with their high school friends.  Many of them have already started thinking about prom and senior trip.    All of them are thinking about the next chapter in their live – higher education.

IMG_9893_editedWe have had the fortunate news of hearing back from some schools students applied to in the fall.   Our Scholars have received letters of acceptance from the following institutions:  The University of the District of Columbia, Montgomery College, Old Dominion University, Quinnipiac University, Albright University, York College, Trinity Washington University, Mary Baldwin College, Temple University, and St. Joseph’s University.

IMG_9999_editedThe Scholars have not stopped submitting their application since the beginning of the year and have started on applying to scholarships.  Our Scholars and FLOC are looking forward to receiving more letter of acceptance this spring.

(Joseph Peralta is the Postsecondary Success Coordinator with the FLOC Scholars Program.)


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