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Passing on Life Lessons

Howard Thurman QuoteThis quote began to have meaning for me when I started volunteering at FLOC in September 2012.  I was a recent college graduate, finishing up my very first internship in DC, and yearning for an opportunity to give back in this community.

For just a couple of hours a week, I started helping a Scholars Program Instructor facilitate a workshop for a diverse group of 10th graders.  The curriculum sought to empower the 10th graders to build the skills they would need to succeed in college and beyond.

As they started to work on their 10 Year Plans – a project that enables them to reflect on high school, navigate college and postsecondary life, and explore careers – I realized how little time I spent thinking about my own path.

What are my personal strengths?  In what environments do I work best?  How can I be both happy and successful in the work I choose?  What makes me “come alive”?

Before long I realized the answers to these questions all pointed me back to FLOC.  I wanted to help FLOC students feel empowered while navigating the ups and downs in their individual journey.  I wished that they would develop a life-long love for learning.  I aspired to be a caring adult in their lives who would help them identify – and not lose sight of – what makes them “come alive.”

A year later, and with a greater sense of clarity about my purpose, I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue serving our FLOC community as one of three Scholars Program Instructors.  I am looking forward to build relationships with our 6th and 10th grade Scholars this 2013-2014 school year!

(Jessie Garrett is a Scholars Program Instructor at FLOC). 

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Leaders In Action 2013-2014

The Outdoor Education Center is gearing up for Leaders In Action 2013-2014! Last year’s program was extremely successful, with many field trips, guest speakers, outdoor activities, and even an alternative spring break trip to Charleston, WV! The OEC hosts Leaders In Action (LIA) at two local middle schools, Charles Town Middle School and Harpers Ferry Middle School where we meet weekly from 3:00pm-5:00pm. We also offer weekend activities and field trips to encourage students to get involved in their community.

 This year we plan to focus on the seven dimensions of health: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and environmental. Some of our activities planned include gardening at the OEC’s new greenhouse, many field trips such as visiting a pottery studio, a historical blacksmith, and a local farm, karate and yoga clinics, and learning about ourselves and others through team building games and activities. Our entire curriculum is based on engaging students through interactive learning while creating their own organic experience. Our program supports the needs of youth in West Virginia with a focus on environmental stewardship, unplugging students from electronic devices, making healthy lifestyle choices, community service, and continuing education. If you or your student is interested in joining our program please contact or call our office at 304-725-0409. Students must attend Harpers Ferry or Charles Town Middle School; attendance and participation is required in order to attend our 10-day, residential, summer camp at the Outdoor Education Center. Stay tuned for more Leaders In Action blogs and pictures!

(Sarah Nowicki is an AmeriCorps Vista at FLOC’s Outdoor Education Center)