Neighborhood Tutoring Program

Round-Up Relay: A Fun Way to Learn

Here at FLOC, we’re always impressed with the creative ways our tutors and students use tutoring supplies to create new and exciting games. Travis, a first-year FLOC tutor, found a great way to review phonics with his student Alicia. They call it “Round-Up Relay.”  Alicia and Travis play the game by assigning different sounds to each of the cones on the ground. This way they can review any number of concepts at once. Alicia has to run around the cone that represents the sound Travis calls out. The fast-paced nature of the game helps Travis and Alicia to both stay engaged, as well as gives Alicia lots of chances to interact with the material she is reviewing. A narrow hallway turns into a fast-paced arena of phonemic know-how when the two of them play this game.

(Cody Laminack is an NTP Program Coordinator at FLOC).


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