Tutoring at Tubman

The Neighborhood Tutoring Program would not be able to reach as many students as it does without the help of our wonderful partner sites. One of our partner sites is Tubman Elementary School, located in Columbia Heights. Every Tuesday after school, thirteen students and thirteen tutors participate in FLOC’s reading program at Tubman, with more students and tutors enrolling each week, and thanks to the support of Tubman Elementary staff and the hard work of our tutors, our students are making great progress!

The students in the FLOC Tubman reading program range from second to fifth graders. They love to play active games while learning, and can often be found defining vocabulary words while playing trashketball or categorizing nouns and verbs by playing soccer. Scrabble is another popular game at Tubman, and our Scrabble board is always in high demand.

Students at Tubman are bursting with energy, and putting that energy toward improving their reading skills is really paying off! Each of our students at Tubman has been working hard to pass his or her tests and continues to build a strong language foundation. FLOC is so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Tubman Elementary and proud of the work our volunteer tutors, testers, and students are doing there.

Thanks Tubman for your continued support of our partnership.

(Emma Lewis is an NTP Site Coordinator for the Thursday Night and Saturday Morning math Programs.)


Celebrating our Volunteer Couples on this Loving Holiday

John and Jenny M. began tutoring in the fall semester of 2010. They wanted to get involved in the community and participate in a volunteering opportunity that focused on education. John found a flyer at his workplace, and together they signed up to be FLOC tutors.

Week in and week out, they find themselves sharing their experiences, what worked and what didn’t, and how they can use this knowledge to improve their tutoring.

“Volunteering at FLOC is one of the most fulfilling things we do each week, so it often comes up in our conversations with family and friends—especially John’s parents, who are teachers,” Jenny said.

Rob P. became a volunteer tutor at FLOC in the fall of 2009. Last fall, his wife Jessica decided she also wanted to get involved.

“He always came home with stories of him working with the students and it seemed like a great way for us to be involved in our community,” Jessica said.

Rob was more than helpful when Jessica began tutoring. He shared great advice and recommended that she take time both to really focus on fundamental math concepts and time to relax and discuss things other than math for a balanced and productive tutoring session.

Both couples enjoy tutoring together. “Being able to share such a wonderful and challenging experience with each other has made our time at FLOC even more meaningful,” Jenny said.

They continue to be involved as tutors and are just two of a handful of couples who currently volunteer at FLOC. On this 14th of February, FLOC would like to wish our students, families, volunteers, partners, and board members a happy Valentine’s Day!

News, Student Spotlight

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra is a fourth grader who has been involved in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program for two years. Alexandra genuinely loves to learn, and she says that what she enjoys most about FLOC is that she gets to explore her favorite topics in greater depth than she would at home with her homework. She loves working with her tutor one-on-one and knows that she can have fun and still learn a lot!

Alex participates in the Saturday afternoon reading tutoring program which focuses on Language Arts. When I asked her what comes to mind when she thinks about FLOC, she said: “Every week I think of Saturday as my FLOC day, where I get to have fun with everyone and see my tutor.”

Alex hopes to stay involved and keep growing through in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program and eventually wants to participate in the Scholars program once she is in sixth grade.

Although she is only in 4th grade, Alex is quite ambitious and has big dreams! She wants to go to college and eventually become a doctor or a teacher.

This is my second year consecutively working with Alex and she is a pleasure! She has progressed immensely and does so with an enthusiastic, hard working, and fun attitude!

(Holly Friedman is an NTP Site Coordinator for the Tuesday Night and Saturday Afternoon Reading Programs.)

Interns, News

The Neighborhood Tutoring Program Welcomes Spring Interns

The Neighborhood Tutoring Program is excited to announce that we have two new interns from The Washington Center that will be working with us this semester. You’ll be seeing Ashleigh as a Site Coordinator for the Tubman Elementary and Saturday Morning tutoring programs. Lindsay will be a Site Coordinator in the Thursday Night program and will be assisting on new curriculum updates as our Curriculum Intern. So you can get to know them, here is a bit about our new interns in their own words:

My name is Ashleigh Stackpoole and I am currently a senior at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. I recently moved to Washington D.C. for an internship program through the Washington Center. I have never lived outside of New York before so I am very excited to experience Washington D.C. I chose to intern with FLOC because I am extremely passionate about achieving equality for children and young adults within our education system. I believe that education is the key to success and to have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that works to provide this for our children is invaluable.

My name is Lindsay Davis. I am originally from Chesterfield, South Carolina and am currently a junior at Coker College. I am now interning with FLOC through The Washington Center, an academic internship program in Washington, D.C. I am very excited to have the chance to work at FLOC because it will be perfect preparation for the future. I am majoring in Elementary Education, love working with children, and one day want to be a teacher!

On behalf of all of us at FLOC, welcome Ashleigh and Lindsay!

(Kyla Wasserman is the NTP Curriculum Coordinator.)