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FLOC says Goodbye to Fall 2011 Intern Ana

For Love of Children’s fall 2011 programs were made possible by the concerted efforts of dedicated volunteers, interns, and staff. As often as possible, we like to acknowledge the work of individuals whose outstanding contributions have made a positive impact on our programs.

One such individual is outgoing intern Ana Turco-Rivas. Ana, a freshperson atAmericanUniversity, interned with FLOC for the 2011 fall semester. As a site coordinator, she facilitated the math tutoring program atRossElementary Schooland the Saturday math tutoring program at FLOC.

A native ofVenezuela, Ana had some initial concerns about the amount of English writing that would be required of her as a Site Coordinator, but she took on assignments without reservation and responded to the demands of the position with great poise. Ana made invaluable contributions not only to our programs but also to the organization by helping with our recruitment initiatives, the student intake process, and occasionally leading parent orientations in Spanish.

Ana’s good attitude, idiosyncratic taste in music, and commitment to our students will be missed, but we wish her the best as she dedicates herself to her studies and finishes her first year of college.

(Joaquin Carbonell is the NTP Program Coordinator.)


FLOC’s Annual Holiday Gift Drive Makes Students’ Dreams Come True

With the holiday season coming to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the spirit of the season and what it meant for the students at For Love of Children. Every year generous partners provide gifts for every one of our students in each of our DC-based programs. It’s always a hectic time getting wish lists and picking up and distributing gifts, but it’s all worth it in the end when you see the students’ reactions!

This year, thanks to our partners TerpSys, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Advisory Board Company, along with a few generous individuals, we were able to grant wishes for every student. During the last week of program, FLOC staff put together fun-filled holiday themed celebrations where the kids received their gifts. You could hear different voices exclaiming “This is just what I wanted!” or “How did they know?” as students opened their gifts. One student’s mom even told us how excited her daughter was about the gift she received and that she wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Sometimes we can forget the true meaning of the holiday season, but at For Love of Children, experiencing the holiday spirit through the eyes of our kids makes a lasting impression. So, on behalf of the students, families, volunteers, and staff, thank you to our partners for reminding us what it means to give back to the community.

(Ellie Haga is the Executive Assistant at FLOC.)

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‘College Night’ sheds new light on post-secondary education

As we move into 2012, it should come as little surprise that we look to the future, with thoughts of what we hope to accomplish in the coming year. For most of us, these thoughts become resolutions that will undoubtedly be broken by the time February rolls around.  For families involved with FLOC, the future means post-secondary education, and with it, new opportunities.

College Night was the culmination of the Scholars Program’s fall semester, where FLOC fifth graders, middle school and high school students, parents and Post-secondary Scholars met for a night filled with questions, answers and plenty of discussion.

Students kicked off College Night with the College Fair. Twenty-five colleges including George Washington University, Miami University, Temple University, Albright College and Tufts University were represented. As the students made their way from booth to booth, Post Secondary Scholars were available to answer questions about the university they attend and what it offers to its students.

The twenty middle school students had the chance to play interactive games that focused on college. It helped them start thinking about postsecondary education and why attending college is important. FLOC parents were given the opportunity to sit in with academic and financial aid experts and learn about the college admissions process as well as the means to affording college. Dozens of high school students sat in at a panel discussion of their own with FLOC post secondary students, where high school students asked university students questions about how to choose a college, the differences between college and high school, and even what college students like to do for fun.

Sara Maddox, Scholars Program Specialist, believes that “this is one of the most important parts of the Scholars [Program]. It allows for our students to talk with those that have gone through what they have and to see college as an active possibility for their future.”

As 2011 came to an end, College Night provided an enjoyable end of the year celebration that allowed all students at FLOC to think about the coming year and many years after.

(Alex Stucky is a Scholars Program Instructor for grades 8 and 11.)