Interns, Outdoor Education Center

Encouragement Goes a Long Way

(Kara Jerez is For Love of Children’s Recruitment and Outreach Intern this summer. She will also be a reading tutor.)

As the Recruitment and Outreach Summer Intern, I was invited to the all staff retreat at FLOC’s Outdoor Education Center in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

I knew we were participating in ropes courses and a rafting trip aimed toward teambuilding. These teambuilding programs are implemented at a summer camp I volunteer at and I’ve seen first hand the bonding and inspiration campers gain through them. However, I was unaware the same would happen to an adult staff.

The importance of communication proved to be the first lesson of many I learned in those two days, especially through the first high ropes obstacle, which essentially looked like a telephone pole with artificial grips for the hands and feet.

After seeing other co-workers climb up to the top, I thought, “Piece of cake.”

Incapable of establishing my footing effectively, I found myself relying heavily on my coworkers’ instructions. The higher I climbed, the more detailed they became. With no foot holds in sight, inches separated me from the bell to signal my success.

“There is a little blue hold to your right foot. Use that to get to the top,” I heard from the ground.

Little was an understatement. They hadn’t led me astray during their previous directions, so I gave the little blue foot hold a try. Sure enough, I made it to the top!

Afterward, I didn’t feel proud that I made it to the top, but instead felt proud and thankful to be reminded of what encouragement feels like, to have people believe in you, and to be part of this organization.

I realized that’s the FLOC way – encouragement. A small amount of encouragement brought me to the top of that obstacle, allowing me to understand why FLOC students improve and succeed as much as they do. I am excited to pass that encouragement I received to a student as a Language tutor this summer.


Buy yogurt, help FLOC!

Greetings, friends of FLOC!

This Thursday, June 9 from 11 a.m.-11 p.m., visit Pinkberry in Dupont Circle for frozen yogurt! Twenty percent of the proceeds will go to FLOC. You must present the attached voucher for it to count. So, take a break from the heat, grab all your friends,family members, and/or co-workers and head to Pinkberry this Thursday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Dupont Circle

1213 Connecticut Ave. NW

Feel free to pass this along to others you may know who live or work in DC. Remember, the attached voucher MUST be presented at time of purchase! Pinkberryfundraiser2011


Help FLOC Gear Up for Summer!

We welcome the following donations before the start of our summer program June 20 or before our fall programs start in late September:

500 Sheets Lined paper (loose leaf)
500 Sheets Graph paper, standard and large sized
500 Wooden pencils
300 Pencil top erasers
20 Boxes of dry erase markers
50 Dry erase boards
250 Laminating sheets
5-15 Pencil sharpeners (manual is okay!)
1 box of red or green pens
20 Egg timers
5 Stand up lamps (for extra lighting)
Light bulbs
500 Index cards
20 Boxes of Crayola Markers
50 Regular pencil erasers
25 Sets of Large and small sized post-it notes
25 Sets of Post-it flags or dividers
10 Balls for games (medium sized softer balls)
10 Small trash cans or bins
500 Foil star stickers (all colors)
2 Stand up fans

Ongoing Needs:
School Supplies: Pens, pencils, loose leaf paper, composition books, folders and
Graphing Calculators (20)
Hiking, Camping and Backpacking Equipment (20 Degree Sleeping Bags)
Building Materials for Outdoor Education Center (Rain Gutters)
Tickets to local cultural, sporting, or entertainment events

New or Very Gently Used Items:
Laptop Computers
Children’s Books
Photovoltaic Panels for Environmental Learning Stations

Gift Cards:
Book Stores
Office Supplies
Department stores
Grocery stores and pharmacies

To grant any of these wishes, contact Ellie Haga at (202) 349-3500 or

If you are able to offer professional services which For Love of Children would otherwise purchase, For Love of Children will acknowledge your tax deductible gift and issue you a receipt. Services might include instruction, maintenance and contracting, legal services, design and marketing work, or any other service you offer pro-bono for which you normally charge a fee. Discounted goods and services can also be acknowledged as a tax-deductible gift. For more information, please contact Diane Haddick at or 202-349-3531.